Sifu Scott

Asia Training, 8. März 2010 (Kategorie: Allgemein, Frauen und Männer, Videos)

…The principles of motion are key to effective flowing conversations within chi sau. To practice a technique only as a counter to another technique is limiting and ineffective. It is illogical to believe there is only one correct response to any situation. If this were true then we would all do Wing Chun exactly the same way. We would all look like Wing Chun clones! But we don´t. Wing Chun is a system that allows for a great deal of individual expression within its framework. That is because there are many different responses to any given attack and all of them are correct. However, that does not mean that any response would be correct. There are many incorrect responses too. So what makes a response correct or incorrect? The answer is principles….

Von Sifu Scott Baker aus seinem Buch “Chi-kung Development and Practical Application”

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