Systema ATIMA meets Systema Homo Ludens

Asia Training, 20. Mai 2011 (Kategorie: Allgemein, Artikel, Frauen und Männer)


Am Rande des letzten Seminars mit Alex Kostic hatten wir die Gelegenheit, ihm ein paar Fragen zu Systema Homo Ludens und seiner besonderen Unterrichtsmethodik zu stellen.

Alex, why is playing the core of your martial art methodology?

Playing is the key model for learning, there is no better model, because it’s spontaneous. In playing you constantly try to solve the problem in your own way –  It liberates, it opens up peoples bodies. It brings confidence in your freedom of movement.

Most martial art styles teach fixed techniques and movement patterns…

There is nothing wrong with fixed techniques but if they are written in stone, like ‘this is exactly the way to do’ and you keep repeating exactly the same procedure, then that’s a problem. Some kind of technique we have to know because we have to isolate particular ideas, particular aspects of training, of martial art. Technique is important, as a guidance and as something that appears as an idea, but they need to be played with…

Where do you see the advantage of ‘slow work’ in exploring movement?

By moving fast only you would miss so many possibilities. The purpose of slow work is to open up, to see possibilities and to explore them. Otherwise there is to much fear, if you do tough, fast work only. People then kind of retreat back into their ‘securities’, they keep repeating the same thing. They don’t step out of the box. Slow work and playfulness opens up for discovery. Like kids, through playing they are learning, they’re opening up, they discover…

People often assume traditional, ‘authentic’ styles to be the ones to turn to, when looking for martial art training. Wrong assumption?

First, what’s an authentic style? Not a single person invented everything in that particular, so called ‘style’ from the very beginning to the end. That person learnt from somebody and that somebody learnt from somebody else. The whole process of learning is really like a network, it’s not linear from one person to the other. There is constant input to martial art. Claiming authentic lineage is more a cultish thing, very tribal. So, I don’t take it seriously. Many so called ‘authentic’ martial arts are fake because they are self-referential systems. They are not integrating into the community of martial arts, which should stimulate a constant change, based on exchange and dialogue.

…so based on everybodys experience?

That’s right, simple. Again, what’s authentic? You have martial arts, you have combat martial arts, sports. Everything is much easier in those combat sports, because it’s visible, people go and fight that’s it…But in the so called art forms and self defense and stuff like that there is more trouble, because you cannot really test the thing. It keeps you totally deluded, everything is based on self-reference. You are not part of a large community. There really is no authentic martial arts. We explore, we play and try to solve the problem, question things, argue, train… and that’s how we evolve, transform along the way…like I did…and you’re doing.

Systema Homo Ludens emphasizes the need to regularly do some sort of ‘reality check’. What are the goals of pressure testing?

If you put a lot of pressure everything changes. People behave differently. You see that things aren’t exactly what you think they are…It’s good to experience that, to go through that. It’s a good grounding experience.

We often observe people being somewhat hesitant of getting that experience…

I personally believe that is fear of disappointment…of what they built and invested might collapse. You’re building a particular image to yourself  and to others and that image collapses…and you collapse, because you don’t know anything besides image. We have to touch deeper stuff…

Many of the exercises in Systema Homo Ludens seem to not only have self defense purposes. What other benefits does one get by doing them?

Health. Developing movement, which is again health. But there are different understandings of what health is all about. Is it health according to particular medical parameters or something more holistic? To me health is a ‘well-being’, being well. Being joyful, spontaneous, to fully engage in life. If you just practice martial art so you can fight you’re going to have a very paranoid life.

This is the second time you visit ATIMA Munich for a seminar. Can you see that ATIMA understands the philosophy and methodology of Systema Homo Ludens?

You know what, I’ve never seen that people switch, in such a short period, with a big club like Asia Training and then work like this…very good, this whole club changed, very courageous…work was great and people are very nice, I really like this place.

You guys improved like sky rocketing…!

Well, thanks to you Alex.


One Response to “Systema ATIMA meets Systema Homo Ludens”

  1. Adam Meredith sagt:

    Was Alex Kostic hier erzählt Klingt ja spannend und auch einleuchtend. Als absoluter Grünschnabel blicke ich mit Sorge auf das zukünftige ‘Pressure Testing’ – aber wie Alex Kostic schon sagte, hier handelt es sich am ehesten um Angst vor dem Nichtumsetzen können – bei mir vielleicht auch um Angst vor zugefügten Schmerzen, aber ich habe das (gute) Gefühl hier reinwachsen zu können.

    Mein erstes Training am Samstag war jedenfalls sehr motivierend – und hat mich ordentlich gefordert.
    Ich bin schon sehr gespannt!

    Adam – Komponist, Sprecher